Cisco TelePresence System 1100

Business tools must help employees communicate and collaborate efficiently with colleagues, partners, and customers. Highly complex video-based technologies can lead to costly delays, lost productivity, and missed opportunities.

The Cisco TelePresence System 1100 allows you to easily move between virtual meetings, face-to-face meetings, audio conferences, and other types of business video applications.

Feature-Rich Out of the Box

Designed for smaller multi-purpose conference rooms, the Cisco TelePresence System 1100:

  • Accommodates up to two participants in the room for meetings, video recordings, or other Cisco TelePresence applications
  • Can be used as an auxiliary secondary PC display or as a digital sign when not in use for Cisco TelePresence applications
  • Allows content sharing by either an external monitor or built in presentation-in-picture (PIP)
  • Can be used in any multi-purpose conference room
  • Works with all standards-based video conferencing and desktop video applications to help you scale globally
  • Supports intercompany Cisco TelePresence calling for highly secure and scalable meetings across enterprise networks

Packed with Features

The Cisco TelePresence System 1100 is a single screen, single camera system with a 65" plasma display, camera, microphone, and integrated lighting in a sleek design. Expect all the standard Cisco TelePresence benefits, including:

  • Fast deployment
  • Simple calendar scheduling
  • Simple "one button to push" meeting launch
  • Bandwidth options for low bandwidth (T-1/E-1) or satellite connections
  • Multipoint meetings with up to 47 other Cisco TelePresence rooms

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