Lifesize Icon 800

Flexible by design for large meeting environments.

Large meeting spaces are unique. Their size and layout and the components in them widely vary from company to company. You may have more than one camera, laptop, DVR and likely a collection of microphones that need to be connected. The flexibility designed into Lifesize® Icon 800™ gives you choice for the optimal meeting environment. When combined with Lifesize® Camera 10x™ and Lifesize® Phone HD™, Lifesize Icon 800 delivers an unforgettable collaborative experience to big audiences.

Lifesize Icon 800

Bringing video collaboration to large meeting spaces like classrooms or the room you use for all-hands meetings enhances participation and engagement but demands flexibility. Being able to connect multiple audio and video devices is essential. Lifesize Icon 800 makes that possible — it’s designed to integrate with custom third-party solutions and fits perfectly into a broader communication ecosystem. The rack-mountable design gives system integrators the choice to install the Lifesize Icon 800 into any industry-standard server, podium or other rack-mount space.

Integrator's Delight

  • Readily integrates with existing custom third-party solutions

Incredible Flexibility

  • Multiple audio and video inputs and outputs let you connect and switch media on the fly

Rack-Mount Design

  • Enables secure installation into any industry-standard server, podium or other rack-mount space

Dual Display

  • Share your presentation and engage with active video participants in the meeting

Go The Distance

  • Supports especially long cable runs for microphone placement and meeting moderation deeper in the room

Perfect With PTZ Camera

  • Capture Full HD quality with flexible pan/tilt/zoom camera controls of Lifesize Camera 10x

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