MSR Series

Superb voice and video technology of Polycom combined with simplicity and familiarity of Skype of Business


Polycom MSR Series is the next generation Skype Room System that brings the familiar Skype for Business experience and exceptional audio and video quality that Polycom is known for to every meeting space from huddle space to medium and large conference room.

Transform your meeting rooms with Skype for Business

  • Skype for Business interface on Surface Pro (2017) optimized as the center-of-table touch controller
  • Polycom MSR Dock providing connectivity to existing room displays and certified audio and video peripherals for optimized conference room experience
  • Start meetings on time with one-touch join
  • Connect and immediately start sharing your laptop via HDMI or start PowerPoint presentation attached to the meeting invite

Best audio and video experience

  • Polycom offers a full range of industry-leading audio and video peripherals delivering the best meeting experience from small to large size meeting rooms
  • Polycom Trio 8500/8800 speakerphone delivers unmatched audio quality and innovative features such as Polycom NoiseBlock
  • Unique 360-degree video with hands-free active speaker switching from Polycom CX5100
  • Polycom EagleEye IV USB camera with 12x Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) is ideal for medium to large conference room

Easy to deploy, simple to manage

  • Always-on device that automatically wakes up the displays when it detects people in the room
  • Low training effort of end users due to familiar Skype experience
  • Simple deployment and updating of the Universal Skype Meeting App
  • Polycom USB camera and speakerphones software upgradable via Windows Update
  • Surface Pro on Windows 10, monitored and managed via familiar tools such as Intune and Operations Management Suite
  • Interoperability with standards-based H.323 or SIP endpoints via Polycom RealConnect

Models to fit any space or budget (MSR bundles will be provided by certified MSR resellers)

  • MSR100 for huddle room Comes with Surface Pro, MSR Dock, 1080p webcam, and VoxBox
  • MSR200 for small roomComes with Surface Pro, MSR Dock, 1080P webcam, and Polycom Trio 8500
  • MSR300 for medium to large meeting spaceComes with Surface Pro, MSR Dock, Polycom EagleEye IV USB camera (12x MPTZ), and Polycom Trio 8800
  • MSR400 for medium meeting spaceComes with Surface Pro, MSR Dock, and CX5100 center-of-table 360-degree camera
  • MSR500 for large meeting spaceComes with RealPresence Medialign Rev2 furniture (55” or 70” single/dual display + furniture), Surface Pro, MSR Dock, Polycom EagleEye IV USB camera (12x MPTZ), and Polycom Trio 8800

*Standard Polycom warranty applies to all Polycom solution components

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