Virtual Classroom

Extend digital learning beyond classroom walls

Support new online learning experiences, worldwide collaboration, and rich online media consumption with virtual classrooms. Empower students to learn on demand from any location, eliminating the boundaries that limit a student's ability to learn.

Inspire connection and collaboration

Personalize student experiences

Improve learning for each student by turning network and user analytics into actionable insights.

Collaborate securely

Connect students, educators, and experts around the world to take learning beyond the classroom walls.

Maximize learning potential

Enable students to learn from anywhere with extended-learning environments, whether on or off campus.

Facilitate student success

Empower students to further their learning with on-demand access to educators.


Power secure connections

With a strong digital-learning network, you can put secure collaboration technologies in the hands of your students. And with network insights, you can personalize learning.

Give students learning flexibility

Today’s students aren’t bound by their physical location when it comes to education. Our technology offers flexibility, so students can learn when, where, and how they learn best.

Blend learning

Securely combine digital learning with face-to-face instruction. Give your students multiple ways to consume content, engage, and learn.

Connect to outside experts

Students are no longer limited to the expertise on campus. Using collaboration technologies, students can interact with peers and experts around the world.

Empower exploration with virtual field trips

Give students the opportunity to explore places and things around the world without leaving the classroom. Save money and help enable uncharted experiences.

Polycom Solutions for Education

Next-generation learning for the road ahead. Polycom video, voice and content sharing solutions empower educators to deliver exceptional, high-impact learning experiences.

Collaborative Education

Create a classroom without borders via video, voice and content sharing solutions. Polycom solutions enable you to do more with less and meet students' expectations for an engaging, interactive learning experience.

What you can do

    • Overcome budget cuts through distance learning and expanded course offerings
    • Save educators, administrators and students time via video meetings
    • Create new education offerings that prepare students to be leaders in tomorrrow's workforce


Education Administration

Regain ownership of your time. Hold virtual meetings, lecture no matter where you are, interact face-to-face with students via mobile, track student analytics and customize your workstyle around your life.

What you can do

    • Manage lectures and content for live or on-demand viewing
    • Streamline communications with faculty, staff and students
    • Gain a competitive edge by implementing the latest technology

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